Welcome to my blog!! My name is Kris Kuhens Meyer, and here I will give you a little introduction to my world. I live in southwest Wisconsin, you know... the cheese state. 

I love to share recipes with you. The recipes I make will be ones that you can easily make at home. Living in the rural Wisconsin, I don't have access to fancy stores with specialty items, so my intent is that my ingredients are easily available to you as well. 

 Gardening and raising chickens are my favorite hobbies that will make appearances on here. Any trip, in an 18 wheeler, or even a 4 wheeler will be here for you to see. 

My first blog was Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts, and I am not changing things up to much from what you were used to there. However, in the about "About Me" I am going to shared some random facts. I thought that would be something fun and a little different.

20 Things about me
1. I was born in North Carolina, so the south is in my blood.
2. Ever since NC, I have lived in 9 different cities/towns all in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin.
3. I do NOT watch football. At all. I don't even know what a touchdown is.
4. I used to be the pickiest eater, and would not even eat onions
5. I love animals.
6. My mother, and both of my grandmothers greatly influence my love of cooking
7. I love watching crime/mystery shows on tv.
8. I used to work in Corporate America for a large bank, now I work for a small business with less than 20 employees and love it.
9. I dislike very greatly temperatures below 20 degrees. (Nice way of saying I hate them!)
10. Some day we hope to have a second home in North or South Carolina, or Tenneesee.
11. I dislike sliced tomatoes on a sandwich, but love fresh salsa
12. Favorite southern food is boiled peanuts.
13. My family calls me "The Princess". Why, I just don't know.
14. I have only been to 2 concerts in my life.
15. I can't start my day without coffee.
16. My husband and I were married on Hilton Head Island.
17. I like to ride in the Peterbilt with my husband, when our schedules work together.
18. Matthew McConaughey has been my favorite actor for years.
19. Kate Hudson is my favorite actress
20. Favorite singer, at least currently, is Phillip Phillips.

Contact me via email at:  bigrigsnlilcookies at gmail dot com

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  1. Love your page, so easy to load and not filled with so much junk! Trying your recipes soon! Thanks