Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Animals

February sure isn't a month to complain about this winter.  And, what a great weekend this was to be outside! Of course with snow and mud everywhere, I couldn't accomplish much.  The Peterbilt is down and having TONS of repairs done, which left me with a lot of time on my hands!  So, I spent a fair amount of time this weekend with the animals.  We got a nice walk in today.  There is not much snow left, but sure would have been easier out there with some snow shoes.  

In all the animal time, I got everyone's pic taken.
With that said, here is our cast of characters.....

Tippy (Mama's baby) She was a little to busy sun bathing to be bothered with posing to much.

 Hazel.  The baby and newest addition.

Rusty - Our crazy dog.

Then there is the indoor gang.

Daisy- The eldest of them all. Ruler of the house.  She is deaf and partially blind, yet she knows every time I go near the bathroom and follows me in hopes that she can drink from the sink.

 Lizzy - Siamese. She's a big girl and is just a love. 

Lina and Bobbie.  Practically inseparable. Lina is a polydactyl cat with thumbs, and loves to climb. Bobbie's specialty is rolling over :) 

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