Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall is in the air


Fall is in the air. Things are starting to change. 
Thankfully, most of our flowers have started blooming again after the heat and dry spell.
I hope to enjoy them for many more days!

 Despite the squash bug this year, I have pumpkins coming along nicely!

 Corn is starting to dry.

 Truckin' Man loves to see these ears drying so nicely!

I love the goldness of the fields of beans.

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  1. Such pretty pumpkins! This is our first year to grow pumpkins and I love them. We currently have a few decorating our front porch :)

    Pretty shots - I really like that last one!

  2. Love these photos!!! It's my favorite time of year, you really captured it perfectly! Yay for crisp air, apples and of course dried corn :)

  3. Our corn and soybeans here are really turning quickly... not much moisture this summer.

  4. doesn't it make you a little bit sad to think of the city folks who never EVER see this sort of thing in real life!?!