Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Tree

We took some time away today to go cut down our Christmas Tree.  We try to do this every year, only one year we failed due to timing and bad weather. Today was the perfect day! We went to a local tree farm, Snowy Ridge Christmas Tree Farm. This lovely farm has made getting your Christmas Tree such a wonderful experience.

We walked all over the farm looking for the perfect tree. We walked and searched more than we needed to, just because it was such a beautiful day!

 We finally found the perfect tree, and Truckin' Man carried it back to the tree station.

These awesome folks shake and trim your tree. We had a couple brown branches, and they cleaned them up for us. They ask which vehicle is yours, and send you off to the warming shack while they wrap your tree for you!

Once you get to the warming shack, you are offered coffee or hot chocolate.  Rest your feet while sipping your beverage at a table with some cookies! They have everything decorated with adorable ornaments and decor that you can purchase, if you like. (I only bought a few things!)

The fun continues for kids of all ages! My friend, Michele and her kids, went the day before, and enjoyed roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Michele let me share her picture of the fun her kids were having with the day.... don't you wish you could pull up a stump with them and roast your own marshmallow?  They even took a ride on the Zip Line to the tree house!


  1. Wow...that is so cool. Looks like a great place to visit.
    I love the photo you took of Truckin' Man. :-)

  2. I live next to a Christmas Tree Farm, the trees are going by me in a parade fashion these days. The place you go to is a gem...warming hut, hot cocoa? yes please!

  3. This looks so fun! I love the idea of taking time for cocoa while they load up your tree for you. So awesome :)

  4. That looks like so much fun! Wish we would have done that when my kids were little.

  5. I love the pics of your special day - what a fun tradition! So cool!

  6. Oh, my word, Kris, this is wonderful- what a perfect, picturesque, seasonal thing to do! Such a great Christmas tradition to share with your family. :)