Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adios Old Man Winter

I haven't shared much around the farm this winter, because well.... it was hard to share. It's typically dark by the time I get home from work. On the days I didn't work, it was often so cold it really hurt my face! So, I certainly wasn't very inclined to be out taking many pictures. Plus, I am not sure how good the extreme cold is on camera's. I always mean to research that, yet never get it done.

Finally, spring and warmer temperatures are starting to show us teaser's of what is to come. I am so excited! We could see our driveway for the first time in months this weekend! Funny how such a simple thing can bring so much joy.... and mud! But, the mud will soon dry.

Two of the ladies wondered out over the weekend and braved stepping in the snow.
It's been months since we have seen their fluffy butts wandering around!

 Snowdrifts melting, showing more and more of the drive.

 We had so much snow, this is how far above my bird feeder I am when filling it!

I was SO happy to be outdoors over the weekend, but really there wasn't anything to do. So mucky you couldn't walk much of anywhere. To much snow left to start any spring projects. What else to do but build a snowman! 

Happy Melting!

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  1. Glad you are melting and I love those fluffy chicken butts!

  2. Happy Melting indeed! We are beyond ready here! :)

  3. Oh I love seeing those fluffy butts! I bet they are so happy to be out and about. I try not to take my camera out for long when it's really cold, because when I come back inside it gets all foggy and I don't want to risk getting moisture in the camera or lens. But I haven't had any problems yet, and thankfully I think the bitter cold is gone for good. Fingers crossed!

  4. Wishing you more days of snow melting so you can enjoy being outside more. Looks and sounds like it's been a hard winter. Loved the chickens, such a pretty color.

  5. I can't wait till it's all gone. We are almost there. Bet the ladies are looking forward green grass :)