Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gardening. The Good and The Bad.

First the good.... Where we moved our garden to this year, we can't water it. Despite that and the lack of rain, we still have veggies coming out faster than we can keep up with them!

I love raising onions. The onions I buy at the store seem to spoil so fast. 

A bowl full of onions puts a smile on my face!

Cherry tomatoes are plentiful. 

I will start picking Brussel Sprouts this week.

I had to go find the pumpkin to show you!

When searching for the green pumpkin, I found this! 
So happy to see that our pumpkins are doing better than last year!

Our little round carrots are so cute!

Several beautiful sunflowers growing from discarded seeds at the bird feeder.

And now... For the bad... The raccoons found our sweet corn and took almost all of it in one night. It was a good thing I picked all the corn that was ready the next day, since the raccoon finished off the patch the next day. Oh well. We got enough to enjoy. Just not enough to make the soup I was hoping to. Farmers market here I come!


  1. A beautiful harvest.I can not wait to see how big your pumpkin gets!!

    I am sad for you regarding your sweet corn. :-( Raccoons can be cute from afar, but very naughty!!

  2. P.S.
    Did you have raccoon trouble last summer? Or it is because you moved your garden?

  3. You garden looks amazing! I love seeing the veggies and the giant pumpkin! Bummer about the corn, it seems like nobody can resist a crop of fresh corn!!!! Amazing though!