Sunday, November 30, 2014

Still a bit of November Weather

Last weekend we had a bit of a thaw.  The temperatures rose, and the snow melted. 
It was really nice to take a walk outside without all my layers. 

I took a stroll out back to check our wood supply. 
Not nearly enough, so Truckin' Man is going to be spending some time cutting this week.

Hazel loves to follow along with me, and always stops to scratch on a slab of wood.

 Then chickens were THRILLED to be out and not have the winds pushing them around.

This young lady is so beautiful. She has an attitude though, and I am NOT allowed to touch her. Someday I will convince her it's ok to be nice to me :)

 This young lady must have been rolling around in the mud?

I found this last bit of color out by the berries. 
A raspberry slipped past me, and will now be a treat for a bird!

Hope you enjoyed today's walk around the farm!  What kind of temperatures do you prefer? 
Hot? Cold? Or like me, somewhere in between?


  1. I just love your photos.
    Neat photo of the raspberry. :-) The birds will enjoy it.
    I like a mild winter. 0 at night or warmer and 25 degrees for a high and snow. And no wind. :-)

  2. Nice post. The kitty looks so cute there on the wood. Such a pretty little wilted raspberry, a nice spot of color indeed.

  3. Looks like everyone had a busy week/weekend! That is a lot of wood! I hope you kept him fueled on chocolate bliss cake ;-) I love the pictures of the chickens as always!

  4. i always love seeing my cats attack pieces of wood with their claws--it means they're not attacking my leg or my couch! :)

  5. Nice photos of your farm activities. I like spring and fall weather. Winter is my least favorite.