Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Destruction

You would think that after all the work we did over the summer, we would want to take a break. Oh no! Truckin' Man has a new job new, and is no longer driving his own truck. With that change in employment, he was expecting to be layed off part of the winter. Planning for all that time at home, he decided to tackle the project of the couple ceiling tiles that had fallen down in the dining room. Simple enough, right? 

Well, really there was no fixing them. So, why not take this opportunity to put up a new ceiling and just skip the tiles? ? Not only was there the ceiling tiles... Lathe and plaster was underneath waiting for removal too.

My pictures were a little "high" here, because we were thinking about doing an "exposed" ceiling.

 Oh what, the heck... Lets do new walls too. Down come the walls.

 Hmmmmm... the kitchen has always been so small. Should we take it apart to?
Redo both rooms at the same time?

I mean really. Look at that. That is all the counter space I have to make my creations!

 Ok. Lets do it. Down with the kitchen.

We really don't need a door off of the kitchen. Let's get rid of that too.

Stairway going up. Lets get rid of the doorway.
 It will open things up a bit.

I had a hard time taking pictures during all this. A lot of the demolition I had to steer clear of due to my allergies. So, I was either at work or waiting patiently upstairs. 

I forgot to mention, as soon as we had everything good and destroyed, Truckin' Man got called back to work for a few weeks!

Stay tuned for pictures of the Re-Construction.


  1. Oh my goodness busy bee! Can't wait to see the final product!

  2. You are one brave soul. I have a difficult time handling the messy part. As you know, we are doing minor updates to our home and I'm managing to keep a smile on my face so far even though I'm walking around piles of stuff and dirt. Good luck!

  3. WOW!! You really took on a project. Good for you! I am so excited to see the final!

  4. And it will never end...Are you going to start without him :)

  5. That is an AMAZING construction project and more amazing that you are able to happily reside in that house with all that work around you! I can't wait to see the after pics, I bet it's going to beautiful!

  6. Wow you have been going to town remodeling. If you need something extra to do come on over, we could use a bathroom renovation.

  7. talk about a renovation--wow! i'm anxious to see the new and improved homestead!

  8. Wow -- that is some destruction! I'd love to see what your new kitchen looks like! :)

  9. Wow! I have no words. But I DO love demolition!