Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring has Sprung - Around the Farm

I am so happy to see green and things growing already around the farm!
I am hoping to be bringing back "Around the Farm" to you on a regular basis.

Lilies! Already a couple inches tall.

Lilac tree's are budding.

Truckin' Man has started pulling out the tractors and equipment to get things ready for planting season.

Look at that view! No longer covered in white!

Chickens are happy for the mud to be drying up! 
They don't know it yet, but they are getting a second run added on soon. Green grass for all!

Something was sure interesting over there!

Little Hazel was having fun playing in one of the flower beds.

Has spring sprung for you?


  1. Picked our first rhubarb of the year. Yay, Spring has Sprung!

  2. Fun! Happy Spring! And we sure do hope Spring has Sprung for good!

  3. Beautiful pics! What a view :) I love it! I think Soring has finally come to New England as well! :) 65 degrees yesterday!

  4. i love these pictures! they make me long for the country, though our little tiny backyard garden helps to ease the pain a bit. :)

  5. Oh yes spring has sprung here and I'm loving it. Just wish it was a tad warmer.
    Enjoyed your lovely photos. Especially the chickens and your darling cat, Hazel.