Monday, June 15, 2015

This 'n That

It's been pretty busy around the home front, 
but not so busy that I haven't snapping pictures here and there. 

I found this little nest in one of our shrubs. So pretty!

 A couple weeks ago we visited Jung Garden Center in Madison. I absolutely love this store. 
The selection of seeds and plants is amazing!

I found this little "egg" in the yard a couple weeks ago. We were both puzzled as to what it was. After some research, I found what I believe to be the answer. It's an Oak Apple Wasp Gall. 

All the rain is leaving us with a very damp dog!

Our little chicks are growing up. Another couple months, and I should be bringing them home!
(Only three of these little ones are ours)

They are finally getting used to going outside!

What's new in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love playing catch up and seeing those baby chicks turn into teenagers ;)! Fun! I also love the doggie picture and all the paw prints behind - cute! :)

  2. I am jealous of you visiting Jungs ;-) Was this your first visit?
    I love all your photos, fun on the farm. :-))

  3. That little nest is so pretty. Are these robin eggs? That is their particular shade of blue, I think.

  4. i wish we had a)rain, and b)a dog. :)