Sunday, September 3, 2017

What Grabbed My Attention This Week

As Hurricane Harvey was approaching the State of Texas, I was watching the news to keep up with it's movement.  I was also watching the status and well being of friends on facebook. I have some distant family, old classmates, and some foodie friends all in Texas.

Only three of them were in an area to be immediately concerned. Two of them turned out just fine, with just some heavy rain. The other though, was not so fortunate. Right in the heart of it all was Adam and his family. I know Adam only from facebook and his blog Unorthdox Epicure, but this is a good man, and his updates were very concerning. The pictures he shared, were what nightmares were made of.

Yet, through all this, he is posting some of the most heart warming blog posts about what they are going through, and the good they are experiencing.  The good in people.

Go on take a peak.


  1. I was tuned in as well. My youngest sister lives in Victoria. While her home remains standing, the hard winds and rain did much damage to the interior of her home and blew apart a storage barn with some family heirlooms blown away too. But she got power back thanks to a crew from Sumter, SC who worked through the night. She was excited and relieved to have her air conditioning back on. I live in the desert of Texas and only suffered for her.


  2. Fire's and floods... whatever will be next? That Harumi dish was rice with 3 toppings - beans, chicken mince and scrambled egg. Looks great doesn't it? Cheers

  3. Hello Kris,
    Marv lost his winter home in Rockport. Thankful he was here in Wisconsin. My aunt and uncle are well, they had heavy rain, but so far all is alright for them. Praying for your friends and Marv's friends who live full time in Rockport.

  4. The pictures and videos on the news are just heartbreaking. We are doing a little Texas themed event next week in support of our TX friends. We'd love to have you join if you'd like, just let me know!

    1. Oh heavens. I went over and read the strawberry fields post he posted yesterday. So heartbreaking and uplifting all at once. I can't even imagine.

  5. Wow, Kris, thanks for sharing that link. My throat is sore from trying not to cry while reading it. So devastating to get through that, but so encouraging to realize that total strangers can care so much.

  6. and now it might be happening again! mother nature is not being very nice this summer! i hope americans continue to pull together to help each other out!

  7. It's such a scary time, too much going on! My dearest friend lives in West Palm Beach Florida so the news is definitely on my mind this week too.