Monday, October 2, 2017

The Ladies and the Mister

It's been a while since the ladies have made an appearance, and they aren't looking to pretty lately. They are molting like I have never seen before! I don't know if it's a sign of a bad winter coming? Or since they are getting older, maybe molting just hits them harder?  I fully intend on researching this more when the garden winds down and I'm getting some couch time again.  Are you chickens having a harder molt this year?

True story. One morning last week when I went to open up the coop for the day, I had to do a head count. There were so many feathers on the floor I was sure that a predator had snuck in and bad things had happened. Thankfully not. All were present and accounted for.

Here is how my pride and joy Annie normally looks.

Here is Annie today. Yikes!

This hen is one with more minor molting. The white gal behind her as a near naked rear side!

I wish I had a "before" picture of this lady to share, but she is nearly half her normal size right now.

Remember our new Black Copper Marans? Sadly, we lost Mr. about a month ago. 
He got sick and we weren't able to save him.

 But, Little Miss is healthy and our old rooster has taken her under his wing. 
It's really quite entertaining to watch the dynamics of him and his ladies.

And, the most exciting thing is, she is laying already! Look at that beautiful chocolate colored egg. 
I am one proud chicken mama over these eggs!

Do you like colored eggs or do you prefer white?


  1. Poor Annie! And she is so thin now. Is there anything you can do to help her? Hooray Little Miss!

  2. Those eggs are amazing! I didn't notice mom's chickens molting quite the badly, but now that you say something there were a lot of feathers in the yard. They do look less regal than normal!

  3. Keep me posted on what you find in your research. I know my parents chickens go in phases like this too.
    I love the colored eggs.

  4. Beautiful eggs. I hope the chicks are recovering.

  5. My Mom works at a farm and one of their chickens looked like this last Fall. It got progressively worse. It turned out that one of the roosters picked her as his "favorite" and would only pick on her. Eventually they identified the problem but it was too late and she died. They ended up getting rid of that rooster and now the one they have is much better. At first they thought it was just molting but it turned out to be more. I'm not saying that's what's happening with your Mr but just reminding you of that. I hope she gets better ASAP!

  6. I hope they are allright, we used to have chickens growing up but I don't remember much. Gorgeous eggs!

  7. I hope they're all okay! I've only ever had white eggs and brown eggs. I always buy brown ones -- I look for organic, free-range, humane, all that. When I was little my mother had a pair of ducks, and they laid huge eggs. When I helped her make a chocolate cake (my favorite at that time), she brought in a huge duck egg to use in place of the three "regular" eggs called for. I was grossed out and refused to eat that cake - eggs were supposed to come in a carton from the grocery store! :D

  8. Oh my the poor chickens do look pretty bare. Do they plump back up after molting is over?
    I buy eggs from the store and they are always the white ones. I do think though that you have some pretty colored eggs there.