Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Kids on the Block

A while back I introduced you to the new additions. Well, they are doing great! And getting so big!

They are so full of energy, it is really hard to get a picture or two of them if it's daylight out, but I did manage to capture a couple yesterday.

This is the Buff Laced Polish Hen. Isn't she stunning? 

And, if you noticed I specified that she is a hen, that's because the other Buff Laced Polish is a Rooster! 
He has so much personality, we just had to name him, so please meet Mr. Idol. 

We typically don't name most of the flock. We did that once and bad things happened, so we have stayed away from it. Until this year. Since we named Mr. Idol, we felt the Mrs needed a name, so I'm pleased to introduce Lita.

Joan didn't want to pose pretty, but she is the solid black one.

Then we have Tina on the right, and the one on the left has yet to be named. 
 If you've picked up on my theme of names, and have any suggestions, I'm listening!

And, just because she is a ham, and LOVES attention, here is one of the old girls!


  1. She looks gorgeous! Actually all of them look beautiful. Joan, about Anne?

  2. They are all so pretty and Mr. Idol looks like he has personality to spare!

  3. HA! I love the names. I do know what you mean about naming .. and things go all wrong. ;-( I will be praying nothing goes wrong, they all live happily ever after.
    I do love all the photos, but the one of Old Girl makes me smile.

  4. What a bunch! Mr. Idol has a fun hairdo!