Monday, May 4, 2020

Tasty Eats

I started off calling this post "Good Eats", and then I remembered that was a show by Alton Brown. So, I had to go google the show, and found it started back in 1999.  I then learned that Food Network has brought this show back! Anyone other Good Eats fans out there?

So, back to my Tasty Eats... So many things I love about spring, and one of them is asparagus.  When I walked out to our patch last week and found our first stalk poking through, I was so excited. But, patience is required.  

A couple days later I went back, and there were enough to pick.  Now we get to enjoy our own asparagus for a few weeks.  We don't get fancy with our asparagus.  Usually, just toss in some olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and then on to the grill. 


And then.... this dessert.  Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake.  I have seen it pass by in my facebook feed for a while now, and it always grabs my attention. I've been craving lemon so much, that when I saw the link again last week I knew I had to make it now.  It was love at first bite for both of us.  It's amazingly moist, and dense, and packed with lemon.  If you do make this, please don't expect yours to turn out the same color as mine.  Our amazing farm fresh eggs seem to be turning an even darker richer color this year.  I'm not sure why that is, and I haven't researched it yet, but it sure makes for some amazing color in our foods.  

To see the recipe, please visit: This Italian Kitchen


  1. Love at first bite is WONDERFUL. And your own asparagus. That is something I want to try some day. Love, love, love it. Happy Monday and boogie boogie.

  2. PS: Yes! Good Eats. Loved that show, back in the day. Haven't seen the new ones yet.

  3. wow Homegrown asparagus! I am jealous LOL That lemon ricotta cake looks so inviting with soft tender crumb. YUMMY!

  4. I love asparagus. I am sad to report we do not have an asparagus patch. I do not know if we have room to put one in?
    Did you start your patch or was it on the property?

  5. Grilled asparagus is the best. We need to get an asparagus patch going! And that cake looks delicious. Baked goods are always more yellow when I use my parents' farm fresh eggs as well. It makes the cake look even more lemony and delicious!

  6. The cake looks seriously lovely and to eat asparagus fresh from the garden! How perfect.