Thursday, April 16, 2020

Garden Take One

 We started our garden a little early this year.  I mean why not, right? We are home, we have the time, and there are always those cold weather loving veggies that we never seem to make the time for planting early in the season.  

We didn't plant everything, just a few things.  Pea's, lettuce, radishes.... because on top of everything else, I want a salad!!  So, we did it.  Just one row.  Sure wish I had made my row straight to go with the fence!

The ladies were thrilled to have us outside.  
We did have to move away from the garden before they tried to scratch up all our work!

These two cuties were so excited to be out with us and enjoy that sunshine! 

Things were going great.  Nice amounts of rain and warm temperatures.  And then....

It snowed. It sleeted. Cold temperatures returned! We'll go back to the garden on Saturday and evaluate, but with how cold it's been, we will probably have to replant.  
That's ok though.  I can make my row straight this time!

Anyone else start planting yet?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring and Other Changes

Wow, it's been a long time since I have been here! I didn't realize just how long until I logged in today. My job keeps me so busy, but now that I am working from home most of the week, I am trying to find the new balance of things in life. 

How is #Safeathome changing your life?  We have done most of our shopping online, and groceries we have done through curbside pickup with the exception of one trip to get our Easter ham.  Even though I love to cook, I would love a break, which is where frozen pizza's have been helpful!  Even though we are in such a rural area, we do have restaurants offering curbside pickup, so we will probably do that tomorrow night, cuz this girl would like a break that doesn't involve mozzarella and pepperoni! AND, I would also like to support these local business's that are trying to stay afloat.  In another effort to support local, we are going to try and order some lumber and small electrical items from a local hardware store this weekend.  In the past that was always a trip to Menards.  As long as these "mom and pop"stores are making the effort to stay open, I do think we need to support them whenever possible. 

So, on to other things... I'm sure you are all reading to much about viruses and staying at home anymore. I've been thinking about my blog a lot since the first of the year, and just trying to find the inspiration to come back. And my camera has been getting dusty, that is just wrong!  Well, inspiration finally hit this past weekend, thanks to my amazing friend Carla at The River.  Thank you Carla!  So, if life cooperates, you'll be seeing me around again on a more regular basis.

Stay healthy my friends and see you soon!