Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Flock Grew

One sunny April day, after much discussion we decided that we would indeed get some new chicks this year! And, we were off to the store before we could change our minds!

We are only adding six, as that is all we have room for.  Buff Laced Polish, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Americana, and Black Jersey Giants are the beauties we selected, and they are all new breeds to our flock. 

We have them set up with their heat lamp, and they are happily staying in the basement until they get bigger. Then we will move them to phase 2 until they are ready to begin mingling with the big girls and boy. I am sooo excited to watch these little ones grow up. They should all be hens, except for two that we aren't sure. So, there is a little mystery left in the mix!

Having picked up the chicks the weekend after Easter, we were feeling all nice and springy. And then this happened. 

I know it will melt quickly, but this seems to have been such a long long winter already! 

I am anxious to get to the woods picking morels, and of course to get the garden going! 
Come on Mother Nature, lets get spring in full swing!!

Are you already planning or working on your gardens?

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  1. Heavy snow after Easter...that's not fun. We had a cold start of spring this year too, but finally the weather is getting warmer! Hope you are having a beautiful and warm spring soon!

  2. Come on spring! We had flurries all day again today, but it's supposed to be 60 tomorrow. Hopefully the 50s and 60s stick around for a while this time! The chicks are cute as can be!

  3. I am so excited for your babies to grow and see how beautiful they will be.
    18 inches of snow was our total from the April 13-15 storm. Golly!
    Do you think with the late spring mushroom picking will be better, or does it not matter much? I do find it so interesting. I'd love to learn more about the hunt. :-) Keep me posted when you do start to go out.

  4. i LOVE baby chicks! we raised a few when i was a kid and i've never forgotten the experience. good luck with your newbies! :)

  5. Your baby chicks are so sweet and soft. I really really want to hold one.

  6. Hope you are ok. Thanks for visiting Carole's Chatter! cheers