Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mushrooms - The Wild Kind

It's almost that time of year again. That time of year where I must make the time to go strolling through the woods looking for the prime spot to find the incredible delectable morel. But, many times these walks do not lead me to any "edible" mushrooms. Last year I took pictures to share of the other types of mushrooms I found. Of course, I can't find all of these photo's now, but did find some to share.

Leading the photo show, is the top dog. The one. The only. The Morel.

This guy is not one I will sink my teeth into. 
Gyromitra Esculenta, I was shocked to learn that people do eat this.

Pheasant Back. While very edible, and enjoyed by many, I don't have the nerve. It breaks one my mushroom rule. 
1.) If Gram didn't pick it wild and eat it, I'm not going to either.

I really have no idea what these are besides pretty.

 These area a fairly common site for me. They remind me of jelly fish. 

Do you forage for any wild mushrooms? Where did you learn what's ok and what's not?


  1. I have never had gut to try the wild afraid that they might be poisonous. Thanks for sharing, Kris.

  2. Morels are great! I haven't heard of people finding too many this year as it was so cold when it was wet and so dry now that it's warm 😕 my father-in-law gets delicious chanterelles in his woods! 🍄

  3. Oh yes, Morel's are yummy. We've also hunted Shaggy Mane's and Coral Mushrooms. Learned what I know from my parents & their parents. Sort of passed on generational thing.

  4. I have never had wild mushrooms. It is something I would like to take a course on. They have one at our local community college.
    Good Luck out mushroom hunting!
    Did Cliff deliver a huge machine to a Sand Mine in New Auburn Friday?
    If so, I saw him. ;-) I was delivering Meals on Wheels.

  5. Would love to learn about wild mushrooms! They taste so much better. Cheers from CArole's chatter