Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gardening in July

It is so hard to believe that July is almost over!! Where is the summer going? Sadly, a good part of July was spent indoors, hiding in the air conditioning for us. Through the heat wave, and the drought, I have managed to keep the garden going. There were lots of nights spent running outside to move the garden hose around. Amazingly I have only lost one flower plant due to the weather. Not to bad!!

Last year all the tomato cages I tried, were useless. The tomatoes grew beyond their capabilities. This year, I found old "cattle panels" laying around the farm. I had Truckin' Man stake them into the garden, and they are working perfectly! 
Now, if only the tomatoes would turn red! 

 The Cattle panels are working perfectly as a trellis for the pea's and beans, also!

This is my first year raising pea's! I'm so excited! All the pea's are eaten in the garden though. Maybe one day some will make it in to the table!

Peppers are coming along. Slow, but sure!

This is my third year raising pumpkins. Finally successful! I have pumpkins everywhere! I must have finally found the right variety, or the right location for them.

 All this mass of green is pumpkin vines! They are taking over!

Time to go pick more veggies!!


  1. Your garden looks gorgeous....I love peas, but I just can't grow them very well.....and check out that pumpkin. Our is only flowering right now:)

  2. your garden maintenance is good according to each plants. I can realize your happiness from your photos. I love your pumpkin, can i get it? it is your first harvest so i can trust it.

  3. Ha, ha, pumpkins are bullies aren't they? My garden is way too small to grow them. I can't believe it's already August, so sad. We have been hiding out in the A/C too, which is really a bummer! It's been hard to enjoy this summer at all with this heat and drought. I too have been running around trying to water and get other chores done in the evenings. Whew, what a chore.