Monday, September 3, 2012

Hoarders - Vegetable Hoarders, that is!

I am finally feeling that the garden is starting to slow down a little tiny bit, but it is still producing more than I can keep up with! Sweet Corn is done. . .  Yeay! It really didn't do well, but considering the poor growing conditions this year, I can't complain. We had plenty to eat, as well as some put away to enjoy later this year. I have harvested all of the onions. They did soo poorly this year, I am disappointed. I will have enough to get half way through the winter, if I am lucky. I can't get an accurate count, since I picked some during the growing season to go directly into dishes and salads, but my guess is that only 50% grew.  Only a handful made it to the nice baseball size. On the plus side, what I am lacking in quantity, I made up for in quality! They are delicious!

The stars of the shows... Walla Walla. Biggest in size and super sweet!

 The Candy Cane's pulled through in 2nd place.

The Texas 1015's apparently did not like my growing conditions :(

Still plenty of other veggies to keep me busy.
 I am begging to feel like we are hoarders, of vegetables anyway!

Lessons learned this year:
#1 Stay on top of the weeds! I was spending so much time watering, I let the weeds go. I am so paying for that choice now. But overall, I suppose the watering was the best use of my time.

#2 Just because you are offered tons of free broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage plants in the spring, you do not have to accept them all, let alone plant them all!

#3 No matter how amazing it is to watch your pumpkin vines spread everywhere . . .  cut some of them off so that they do not monopolize your garden. 

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy and Stay Safe. I have to get back to the veggies now :)


  1. Hi Kris! I hope you had a great labor day weekend! Your veggies look amazing and I am so envious that they will carry you into the winter! How rewarding that must feel to be able to sustain yourself like that! Those walla walla's look great! Looking forward to all the recipes you will crank out with all of your beautiful veggies!

  2. Lol, at least you can slowly consume what you hoard! You have a great harvest there. Everything of mine was destroy by heat and wind. If you saw my tomatoes you would think they are creatures from a horror movie :-)

  3. YOur veggies look great! :) Our garden was terrible this year. It was just too hot and dry for anything to grow.