Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trucks Everywhere!

Despite how much of my life revolves around trucks and the trucking industry, I had never been to a truck show..... Until this weekend. We learned about one over in the little town of Kasson, MN. The Big Iron Classic Truck Show And Charity Drive. Not to far away, so we made the trip.

Trucks, Trucks and more trucks. Peterbilts everywhere! Pretty fun seeing them all lined up.

Working trucks, not just show trucks

The work and customization on the trucks is amazing!

We learned that we (meaing I) really do like trucks that are white.

The paint options are endless.

Love this truckers travel companion.

Truckin' Man loved this truck.

With temps well over my breaking point, I was so happy to find the tent selling water. 
Best water ever!!!

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  1. I bet this is Truckin' Man's very favorite post of all time. I LOVE the black and white shot of the big truck - really cool!

  2. My 4 year old grandson would LOVE those trucks! I was curious...did you get to the Smokies this year? We won't get there this year because of our trip west but plan to go next year.

    1. The truck show would be a young man's dream to walk through! We haven't made it to the Smokies. We are trying to plan a winter trip to Hilton Head to see family, and have at least a little time in the Smokies.

  3. Really neat shots! I love that first one with the trucks all lined up and the b&w shot of the inside of the truck. I could never figure out how to operate one of those - it looks like a plane cockpit to me haha!