Sunday, October 27, 2013

Around the Farm - The Perfect Fall Day

So many days of the past week have been so cool.
The winds have been blustery. 
There have even been snow flakes spotted.
Today is perfect.
Sun is shining.
Winds are gone.

I love the look of the hillsides when harvest has begun.

One of my projects while the weather had been blustery, was sorting through recipe cards that my mom cleaned out of her recipe box. Many written up by her, and others in each of my grandma's hand writing.

My recent hauls from the orchards has me so inspired with apple recipes. 
Truckin' Man's all time favorite dessert is Apple Pie. I rarely make it, because apple pies are a challenge for me. But, yesterday, I was inspired. I had 3 recipes waiting for me.
I decided on this recipe (click here) from Joy, at Yesterfood
Look at this pie! It's gorgeous! 
I even made the crust from scratch!

If you want to see what's up next on the apple baking list, check out these two.
From Mandy at South Your Mouth, Mama's Apple Cider Pie
From Anne at From My Sweet Heart, Cinnamon Applesauce Tart

Have a great week and watch out for those goblins!


  1. That first picture is so fab - iconic! Hope all is well with you

    PS I've got my very first giveaway running!

  2. Oooh that pie looks scrumptious! I'd like a piece, please :) Haha.

  3. LOVE the amazing first pic and yes, please - the pie looks amazing! New banner too? You have been one busy girlie!

  4. First picture and the words were beautiful. Your pie looks so yummy!!

  5. Oh your photos are just beautiful Kris! I want to live on your farm!!! I envy all of those recipes passed down through generations. I wish I had a stack like that. My mom made a great apple pie, but she did it from her head. And I've never mastered a double crust apple pie. (My son makes me buy Mrs. Smiths!). Thanks for linking to my apple tart....super easy! Your pie, however is GORGEOUS! : )

  6. sifting through old recipes sounds like an ideal way to spend an afternoon to me. :)

  7. Wow, does that pie ever look great! I'll bet your Man was sooooo happy!

  8. Kris, I am so happy you liked my Apple Pie- yours is just beautiful!! :) I was so happy to see your old recipes- they're such treasures. I want to come over and go through them with you! With a slice of your gorgeous pie, please! ;)

    Love, Joy @ Yesterfood