Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday


Bleeding Hearts - I hope to see them again soon.

I've been without our laptop for 6 days now. All because I didn't have an "I" key anymore. It's been a long 6 days, but it gets easier every day. Kind of like breaking an addiction

With the harsh winter, I have started filling our bird feeder. It seems like it gets emptied faster and faster each time. Not sure if they are getting hungrier or word is spreading on where the little birds can find food.

It was Truckin' Mans birthday on Thursday, so I baked him a cheesecake, that was his birthday wish. My first time ever baking one. As of my time writing this post, he isn't home yet, so the verdict isn't in yet on how well I did. I can say say that it sure looks yummy!

We lost our little bantam hen last week. All my fault for not realizing what this winter is doing to wild critters appetites. I left an opening for a critter, and he took it. Shame on me, but lesson learned, and that mistake won't happen again. RIP, Butterscotch.

With the whole laptop thing going on, I have been trying out Instagram on my phone. I am really liking it. Much better than some of the other social media's. So far anyway. Are you on Instagram?

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  1. WE are spending a small fortune on bird seed! It's been a long winter. Love that phtoto!

  2. Birdseed disappears in a jiffy around here too!
    No instagram as my phone data is limited. Sounds like fun though.
    Sorry about Butterscotch. :(

  3. Nice photo, no instagram here and lots of birds but no moisture here , yet.

  4. Our feeders can empty in a day. Hard to keep up with!

  5. I hate you lost your hen; nature is a cruel mistress and winter is hard on everyone...especially, the small, old and very young. Every time I see my neighbor's heifers starting to calve, I pray for them...silly? Perhaps but no one else is praying for them. My neighbors might think I'm a crazy old woman but they never turn down my prayers -lol-.

  6. I'm sorry about your hen. I tried Instagram once and never used it again. I make a cheesecake every year at Christmas for our son's birthday. It is his favorite and he takes it to the fire station as is the tradition on your birthday, you provide the dessert.

  7. Sorry about Butterscotch. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love those bleeding hearts, always feels so good to find them blooming. Eventually, right? Sorry to hear about your birdie, we lost two last winter, so sad.

  9. I noticed a few days ago that my Bleeding heart is starting to sprout but then it snowed again last night so it's a ways off from blooming. They are such pretty flowers.
    Oh so sorry about your little Butterscotch chicken. It's hard to lose them.
    Yes the birds are eating more & I do think they have a "food network" to let others know where the food is at.
    How was the Cheesecake? I love cheesecake. - Following your blog now.

  10. I enjoy instagram, but tend to have an on again off again relationship with it. I think the birds spread the word very quickly when the feeder gets filled.

  11. Oh no, I'm so sorry about Butterscotch! This winter just needs to end already.

  12. That is sad about Butterscotch, it's been such a tough Winter!!! Here's hoping Spring is on it's way SOON!!!

  13. I am sorry to hear about Butterscotch. I think this 2014 winter has been one of the hardest for so many people. I know the loss of my grandma did not help. And it was just so COLD here in Wisconsin. Our family is ready for SPRING!!
    Keeping my thoughts positive and enjoying the sun today.
    Happy Birthday to Truck'n Man :-)

  14. So sorry about Butterscotch. Happy Belated Birthday to Truckin Man!! Instagram - ugh. I've tried to get it on my phone but am having difficulties. Something with my phone is blocking it. I'm going to try it again because I do love that site!! :)