Monday, May 26, 2014

Great Smoky Mountains

Life has been so busy, I am just now getting the chance to share the last leg of our journey with you.

The beauty in the Smoky Mountains never ceases to amaze me. This was the first time I have traveled through during the spring, so it was nice getting a different perspective.

From Asheville, North Carolina to Gatlinburg, TN we traveled on the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you have the time, this is definitely the best way to travel this area. I have been on the parkway before, and Truckin' Man had not. He was so happy we took the little bit of extra time to go the scenic way.

There are pull-offs every where for you to stop and enjoy the views. 

So many creeks with the clearest water imaginable.

Noah "Bud" Ogle Farm was one of many places we explored.

The Floyd Garret Muscle Car Museum was Truckin' Mans must see destination. 
He loved ever minute of this amazing museum. 

Just outside of Pigeon Forge, we drove through a covered bridge. My first time seeing, let alone driving through one!

I will be back later this week with more of what has been going on around the farm keeping us so crazy busy!
Hopefully, some recipes will be rolling out this week too!

Update: If you are looking to travel to the Smoky Moutains, a good site to check out would be


  1. Such a fantastic place to visit! Love these shots!

  2. We have not been to the Smoky Mountains. Or down South. So this is a lot of fun for me. Your photos are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, beautiful photos! Sounds like you had one amazing trip :)

  4. Fabulous photos of your trip. I've been on park of the Blue Ridge Parkway and I would love to travel back there again sometime and take it all in. It truly is a beautiful place.

  5. We just got back we just got back from the Smokies this week. Love going there!
    Where is that covered bridge at? My son-in-law asked if there were covered bridges in the area and I only knew of the one outside of Gatlinburg.

    1. I took a picture of the name of the bridge, and it is Harrisburg Covered Bridge. I am betting it is a Seveierville address based on the antique place we visited after this. It was pure luck that we were driving down a highway and saw a sign for it! I believe we were on 411 if that helps!