Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Sunflowers

Our Sunflowers.

One of the volunteer plants that grew near the bird feeder.

This guy must be about 8 foot tall and is another volunteer that grew where last years patch was.

An heirloom variety that I planted early this spring. 
The smallest sunflower I have ever seen, but so pretty!

My friend Stacey, had a variety pack of seeds she was not able to get planted this year, 
so she past them along for us to enjoy. 
We did not get these planted until late June. I am so surprised that they grew so well!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I'm really loving the deep red variety.

  2. Beautiful.
    I love sunflowers. I love the blue sky in the background of your last photo.

  3. I love then, so happy and bright! Beautiful flowers!!!! Thanks for sharing these cheery photos - just what I needed on a Monday! :)