Saturday, July 11, 2015

Good Year in the Garden

Well, it's darn near Mid-July and we are still thrilled with our garden, and keeping on top of things. It sure has made easy work of it for me this year, with Truckin' Man being so involved, and also with our investment of a tiller!

Green cabbage was the first vegetable we had ready. They thrived!

Bell Peppers are coming along wonderful. We will have an abundance this year. We still are sure why we have so many plants, but I know for a fact that I wasn't the one that bought them all!

 I finally picked this glorious head of cauliflower today. It weighed 3 pounds, 7 ounces. 
Not the biggest ever, but I am very proud of it!

Peas... We battled so hard getting them to grow. It took three different plantings... I don't even know what variety these are. What they are is what the last store I looked in had on the shelf.  
They aren't the most flavorful pea, but it's raised in our garden, so I am going to savor every last one of them!

Beans were a bit of a battle as well. I had planted a three bean mix. Yellow, purple and green. We had to replant once, yellow and purple beans are now happy as can be. Only a couple plants producing green. Oh well... just happy we have fresh beans!

This was everything I picked on my day off this week. Beans, red onions, banana pepper, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and carrots! Super happy :)

 Not in the garden, but still in the fresh produce category on the farm... Raspberries are ready! 
We didn't think we were going to have a good season, but guess what? We were wrong! 
Great season!

How is your garden?


  1. What a harvest! Those black raspberries are stunning. Great job, Kris!!

  2. This is beautiful. I'm jealous of your bounty!


  3. This is amazing! I'd say it's been a great year in the garden, everything looks so fresh and good!

  4. Hi,
    Yes, we are getting very busy too. :-)
    The berry crop has been amazing!
    I love purple beans. We planted them last year.

  5. Wow! Very impressive! My garden is very, VERY minimal this year. Hope I can do better next year.

  6. purple beans! now i'm convinced more than ever than i can create an all-purple garden. :)

  7. I am SOOOOO envious of your garden, Kris! It is my dream to one day live on a small farm. This year, I was only able to plant herbs on my deck. I tried planting some french breakfast radishes.....but something (birds, critters?) came onto my porch and ate the green tops! So glad for all the farm markets around me. And looking forward to seeing what you do with your beautiful berries!