Sunday, January 3, 2016

Queen of the Farm

Late last fall, we had an addition to the farm. She is our new love, that has won our hearts.

She is an American Bulldog. I had never in my life seen an American Bulldog, and when I first saw her... it was not love at first site. She was to big. Her jowls were to big. She drooled to much.

But, she needed a home, and we took her home.

A few months later, she has claimed her title of Queen of the Farm. 
And every bit of our life here revolves around her likes, and dislikes. 

It was very important to me that I get a picture of her with a hat on. 
Am I going to become one of those dog mom's that dress up their dog?
Guess we will wait and see!

Hoping that your holidays were Merry, Cheery, and Bright!

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  1. Somebody's gotta run the show, might as well be her right?!

  2. She is so adorable!!! Love your new header, Kris.

  3. SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE HER SMILE!!! Love your new blog header too my friend - you've been a busy girl!

  4. Fun. I am so happy it all worked out.
    What does she like best of all at the farm?

    Love your new header, very well done.

  5. nice redesign! cute pup too--i can only imagine the drool cascading out of that mouth. :)

  6. She's adorable. Our pug often gets mistaken for a bulldog but they look very different. I love her festive hat.

  7. Oh my, what a sweetie pie! She is darling, my friend :)

    Also, did you recently change the look of your blog? I absolutely LOVE it! Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  8. I LOVE your dog, what a darling she is. I don't think I've ever seen a white bulldog.

  9. Okay - just found this post. I'm brand new to your blog and am really enjoying it. I asked a question earlier about your dog -- Is she an English Bulldog. I now see that she's an American Bulldog. I use to raise and breed ENGLISH bulldogs (20++ years). I have a male, he's about the size if your baby so thought perhaps she was an English Bulldog.
    These dogs (both English & American) have the sweetest personalities!
    Most people are afraid of our dogs upon first sight (noisy things), but soon learn how friendly they are. They are definitely NOT watch dogs though. If someone came to the house and asked them if they want to go bye-bye, they'd be happy to show them were all the jewels are kept. I swear -- my kids act like, even our mailman and FedEx guy learned the hard way to close their doors when getting out. Both drivers have had to take all 5 of them for a long ride down our country road before we could get them out!
    They are definitely very special and I'm so glad that you took your little girl and gave her such a loving and warm home. Yep ~~ Our lives here on the farm revolve around our kids (dogs).
    Thanks for sharing pictures of her -- I hope to see more.