Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Latest Project

So, it's winter. Truckin' Man is laid off. Time for a project right? Even though my "honey do" list has plenty of things on it, he finally has enough time to tackle our biggest project. "The Other House".  

Yes, we have another house.  Well, actually, I like to say that HE has another house! Truckin' Man had bought this house shortly before his dad passed away, and then he moved back to the farm. Since then, it has been a rental house, or been for sale. Back and forth between both status's. Seriously in need of remodeling and updating. One summer when we were between renter's, we finally had the opportunity to start doing some work on it. A family friend was also available, so two of the four bedrooms were gutted, and remodeled. 

When you have a mortgage on a place and work full time, you can't afford to let a place set vacant to long, just so you can put more money into it, when money isn't even coming in. The time finally came for us to put the effort into just selling the place. We want to have a second property, but not here... somewhere warmer please. And neither of us want to be landlords. 

Let the project begin then, right?

Want to see more about "The Other House" Click HERE.

2 Bedrooms, one hallway with super high ceilings, and a dining room. All coming down!

 LOTS of clean up to do. Lathe, plaster, and blown in insulation. YUCK!

 Finally getting the mess under control.

This small window is an area Truckin' Man is excited about. 
He's planning to change it to a doorway to the 3 season porch. 

Bonus was doing all this when temperatures are hovering around zero all week, and keeping pipes in the basement from freezing.  Good times!

 FINALLY done with the clean up. Time to start rebuilding. 

 Please let someone buy this place!


  1. Oh man... cleaning up plaster and lathe and all of that loose insulation is the worst! We did a ceiling and a bathroom at our last house and a room at my mother-in-law's place... and the kitchen at our rental. NOT FUN! It looks like you guys did a great job though and the best part is when things start going back up! Good luck on selling it!

  2. Wow, a major project. I remember helping my parents gut out and tear down our old farm house.
    Best wishes selling!

  3. That is a HUGE project but really well worth it when it's all done I'm sure. Pretty amazing!

  4. oooh, lots of coffee would be in order after working in the bracing cold like that! good luck!

  5. What a project! Whoa! I hope for your sake it sells too! And I agree, being landlords is not fun!

  6. Wow, this looks like one heck of project but you've already made such tremendous strides! Good luck with the rebuild and of course the big sale!!

  7. This is a big project! But I can see the potential. I hope it flies off the market (well, you know what I mean :-)

  8. WOW! What a project! But I am sure it will be fun along the way :) I look forward to seeing it when it's all done, sweet friend.


  9. Oh, wow! How exciting!! I love big projects :). Looks like you have an amazing place to work with!!!