Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Introducing Daily Goodie Box

In July, I got something REALLY cool in the mail. It's called Daily Goodie Box. I learned about this coolness from my friend Jess at Barefoot by the Sea. She's been the recipient of these boxes for quite a few months, and the fun stuff she was sharing inspired me to sign up.

This took me way to long to post and share, but I'm in the middle of changing jobs, and things are a bit chaotic! I promise next time I won't wait so long to share with you!

Would you just look at this popcorn??

Palo Popcorn – Premium Cheddar Cheese
Natural Vitality – Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink
Balla For Men – Tingle Formula Body Powder
Davidson’s Organics – Coconut Vanilla Dessert Tea
FlapJacked –  Milk Chocolate Protein Smoothie Mix
Detox Water – Mangaloe (Mango)
Watusee Foods – Organic Chickpeatos
Goddess Garden – Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm
Honey Stinger – Cran-Apple & Walnut Snack Bar
Curoxen – First Aid Ointment

Want to get a Daily Goodie Box? Goodie Boxes that are not only 100% free, but they also cover the shipping costs too!  No credit card or any type of payment. Goodie Boxes are absolutely 100% free to you.  
Sign up at:  https://dailygoodiebox.com/


  1. Free and fun...that's GREAT! Thanks for sharing, Kris.

  2. How fun! It looks like there are delicious goodies in there too!

  3. FUN!!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best of LUCK with the job? Where are you working now?

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Great review - always so fun to Try the new items in the boxes! Thinking of you as you wrap up one chapter and start a new one, good luck at your new job!

  5. sounds too good to be true!
    new jobs are equally exciting and scary in my experience--good luck to you!

  6. Wow! In this day and age there is something that is free??? Looks like a good haul, too! Hope you are enjoying your new job! :)

  7. Wow, how cool! Thanks for sharing about this goodie box, I will definitely check their site out. I hope your new job is going well! :)