Sunday, May 6, 2012

Growing Chickens

I don't know when birds officially move from being called "chicks" to "chickens", but my flock is getting so big, I think they now qualify as chickens!

Everyone is growing like crazy. The Cornish will be sent off to be butchered in about two weeks.

The Reds should be laying eggs, anywhere from two to four months from now.

The Reds LOVE the new perch I put up for them.  
It's so fun re-purposing old junk into functional stuff for the girls!

Lots of lessons learned and tons of ideas for when we expand the flock. 
This week we learned that they love to eat nettles! Keep eating girls, lots more to go!


  1. Hi Kris! So glad I get to send you a Foodie Box this month. Looking forward to reading up on your posts and getting to know your blog.

  2. Wow seems like yesterday these were just some fuzzy yellow little things. They have grown!!! So lucky for you to have some fresh eggs to look forward to in your future! You are quite the handyman in the barn! And I hope the coyotes haven't been a problem! I meant to tell you that you should check out the blog called The Mom Chef. Christiane raises chickens, too! Hope you are having a GREAT week! : )