Monday, June 10, 2013

More Chicks and Less Chickens

We have been working on adding our new chicks in with our 5 hens from last year, and we have had quite the challenge. After weeks of separating, and trial periods, and supervised play times, we found that there were the two hens that were the dominate hens of the flock.  These were the ISA Browns which had more white in their tail feathers. I am curious if the white relates to their personalities or if it was just coincidence?

Thankfully, our friends were able to give the hens a good home, and they are doing fine.
We miss them bunches, but everyone seems to be better off.

Bye, Ladies....
Our friends oldest daughter was going to see if she could get the ladies to do some of the cuteness we had taught them.

We did add a few Cochin Bantams to our flock to make up for some of the chicks we lost earlier. We found a local farmer who hatches some BEAUTIFUL chickens that his children show for 4-H. We will be contacting this farmer if we add any more chickens to our flock next year. 
Between the chick's high activity level, and our less than cooperative weather, it has been hard for me to capture all their cuteness in photo's.

Cochin Bantam

Cochin Bantam

This one, we got from a local feed store, so his breed wasn't known. Just that he was a Bantam.  Through some research, I am pretty sure that "he" is a Rooster, and a Porcelain d'Uccle

One of the hens taking a dust bath on our one day without mud!

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  1. So sorry you had to give up two of your hens, but at least they went to a good home! The little chicks are just too cute. I've always wanted bantams but don't have any yet. Hopefully someday I will!