Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Garden is Growing!

What a spring this has been! It feels like it was just a few days ago, I took this picture of some of my seed packs. Looking at the date stamp on my photo's, it actually been several weeks!

 Once we were able to get the garden ready, I got in there and got it planted. And then it rained. And it rained. And it rained some more! 
No more!!! The sun is finally here and most things are growing! 
Lots of weeds growing too. I am hoping Truckin' Man will help me catch up on those this weekend.

This tiny little growth is Rainbow Swiss Chard.  I plant something new each year that I haven't tried before. This year... Chard! It's growing, so I hope we like it!

Beautiful Lettuce! I am sooo stinkin' excited to have lettuce from my own garden, I can hardly wait. Truth be told, I really could have pinched off a few of these young leaves, but I want them to grow!

 Onions are growing. They aren't looking fabulous, but I am happy with any sign of growth!

 Beans! Yeay!

Even a few pea's are poppin' up!

Squash and Pumpkins are thriving. 

Here is Hazel. She is always at my side in the garden. She is so camera shy, she refuses to take a good photo. She will sit still and stare at me for 20 minutes. Just when I even think of aiming the camera, she moves!


  1. Everything looks great so far! Congrats! It's so exciting to see your efforts paying off. Hazel is such a cutie! Too funny about her being camera shy, but this is a good photo even if she isn't looking at the camera :)

  2. Kris...I am so envious of your garden! My neighbor has planted so many trees on the perimeter of our small yards, that any sunny space I had for my humble gardens is now completely in shade!!! I'm going to have to enjoy your garden instead! : )