Friday, January 10, 2014

Random 5 Friday


I think we are all going a little stir crazy this winter, and want to stretch our legs when the weather permits. 
Even our four legged friends.

As many people do, we plan on some year soon spending our winters in a climate warmer than Wisconsin. We do like snow though, just looking for milder... Tennessee or Carolina's maybe?

I spend more time than I should looking at property for sale. Places that are not realistic at all. 
Like this one.

I had to get a tooth pulled this week. Not sure what was more brutal, 
that or the recent temperatures.

Truckin' Man went back on the road this week. He took the week of Christmas and New Years off.... Then Monday the rig wouldn't start due to the temps. Tuesday the place he was delivering was closed due to the weather. Wednesday... finally, on the road again!

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  1. do you buy property often? or do you just like dreaming about them for the future? ( :
    i have found many folks that lately - like you have had their vehicles not starting after a long time sitting still & then wishing for them to get rolling again. what a pain. guess this cold weather not liked by many things - pipes, vehicles,etc.

  2. DH and I also sometimes go property-shopping. Not that we can afford any of it, but we can dream!
    I think the tooth extraction would be more brutal than the cold, but that's just me.
    Visiting on R5F.

  3. This photo is outstanding and so makes me smile. I have done this gone into real estate waaaay over our head but it is such fun and this one is wonderful. Sorry for the extraction they are never pleasant.

  4. I had a tooth pulled once, not a great experience.

  5. I loooove that photo! Too cute! And sorry about the tooth, eek! I hope you are feeling better. Few things worse than dental work.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the pic too! And, I find myself looking at property that is also way outta my price range! That is one beautiful over the top house! Hope you are feeling better my friend! No fun at all!

  7. I love the photo too.
    We love the snow too. I love to cross country ski. But I could not even breath in the -27 degree mornings, it hurt. So it was no fun. Good news, it is nice today and we are to have a good week. YAY!

  8. Great picture!!!

    My daddy is a trucker. He is partial to Peterbilts so I love your blog name!

  9. Shane's work has been dicey with the cold temps too -- his crew didn't want to work in it. Such babies! Lol.

  10. My hubby left week ago, it was so nice to have him home for 2 full weeks over the holidays. Now I got a word that they will be fracking for 3 months straight .... it will be long end of the winter at the homestead, but I got my boys to drive me crazy,lol :)

  11. I hope you are recovering from your pulled tooth Kris! I just recently had a root about no fun! The property you shared is pretty plush. But you know what....I'd give my right arm to live on a farm like yours! Hope you have a great weekend my friend! : )

  12. All I can think is what in the world is that cat doing!!! LOL