Monday, September 14, 2015

New Kids on the Block

It seems as though every year there is something that changes our plans on adding chickens to the flock. This year, my parents were going to raise our chicks, along with theirs, until they were old enough to bring home.

But... things changed and we had to bring ours home early, along with my parents giving us their chicks.  They were a little younger than we had planned on them being, but old enough that the blending of flocks went smoothly.

Now, we have 17 chickens. That's a lot of chickens in my world.

I have wanted an Ancona hen for several years, and I "think" I finally have one! Annie is definitely an Ancona, however we are not sure that she is a hen. She just might be a rooster than will have a name change to Andy.

Meet Annie (or Andy)

Lot's of pictures coming to share with you on the new flock. My wonderful husband surprised me with a new laptop for my birthday, so I have been working on getting everything loaded. 
I am loving that I am struggling less in my daily online activities! 


  1. 17 chickens is quite a flock! They are beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday ~ and what a fun surprise to get a new laptop. :-))

    I love your chicken photos today. And I look forward to seeing more and hearing more about Andy or Annie. LOL

  3. Wow 17 chickens is a bunch. They look like very nice chickens though.

  4. Happy Birthday my friend :)! What a wonderful hubby with that surprise! And oh my...17 chickens?! Amazing! Annie is a beauty, love her color!

  5. Do you live close enough to me that I can buy eggs from you? Nothing as good as a fresh egg!!

  6. wow..I am really impressed! Annie/Andy looks beautiful!

  7. Well, if they aren't just the cutest :) And may I wish you a Happy belated Birthday! Hugs!

  8. they're ruling the roost, i'd say! makes me wish we'd bitten the bullet and gotten a few chicks for our backyard!