Sunday, August 5, 2012

Veggies, Veggies and Fruit!

Considering what bad weather we have had this year for drought and heat, the garden is still doing well! I guess that my attempts at watering did pay off. 

Lettuce is still producing like crazy. I am really dreading the day we have to go back to buying store lettuce.
Apparently, my dog is protecting the lettuce from something....!

I think that my peppers are going to be my pride and joy of the garden this year. They had a tough road, but are finally producing! I hope that I am lucky enough to continue to pick many more of these!

The cauliflower looks to be almost done, but the broccoli is still going crazy. Last night I did my first attempt at freezing broccoli. It really was very simple. Clean it, blanch it, freeze it. Can't get much easier than that!

The Sweet Corn is doing much better than I had expected this season. Some of the corn did not pollinate due to the weather, and we have had a few ears that we had to give right to the chickens because of this, but overall... pretty successful!

Pumpkins are still growing! I really don't know pumpkin sizes well yet, but after 2 unsuccessful years of try to raise pumpkins, I am thrilled over the growth.

Our blackberries are winding down for the season, but we enjoyed them while they were here. All of us did. Our dog eats them right off the vine. And the chickens apparently wait for me to set my bowl down so that they can dig in. 

I found a local vendor that sells peaches that they have shipped to Wisconsin direct from the peach orchards. No middle man, no sitting around in semi trailers. It's as fresh from South Carolina as I can get them without driving there myself. Trust me...  anything from South Carolina is better :)

I think I smell a peach treat coming to share with ya'll this week!

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  1. Wow Kris...your garden looks like it's doing pretty well despite the heat! Would love a few ears of your beautiful corn. It was pretty wonky here in Maryland this summer. Looking forward to what you will do with the peaches! : )