Sunday, September 16, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

It is so hard to believe that today is the 6 month anniversary of when I brought our little fuzzy baby chicks home! Where does the time go?!?! We went from the cute fuzzy chicks, to the ugly dorky stage, to beautiful birds that have become pets for us. I am going to skip over the part of the 6 chickens we raised for butchering, for now. Still not sure how I feel about that ordeal, and if I will do that again.

We have 6 ladies with us still that are laying perfect eggs daily. On a normal day we are up to 5 eggs. One of the ladies, "Crooked Comb", is still struggling with laying and doesn't always get us up to the grand total of 6 eggs.

Even before getting our own hens, I had been eating farm fresh eggs for some time. I couldn't even remember what a "store" egg was like, so my parents brought one over for me.  I finally got to do an appearance and taste test. Sad part of that is that I had let my parents run out of eggs. . .  I shouldn't have let that happen!

See how the yolk on the left is more orange? That's from my ladies and thanks to the great diet they eat!

As far as the taste test, what I found was that the egg, fresh from my ladies, had flavor. 
In comparison, the store egg really didn't have any flavor. At all.
It really did make me feel that what we have done raising our own chickens is worth while and we are getting a better egg for the work! And bonus... I have egg customers! Only 3, but that is really an ideal number of customers for how many eggs we get. 

The only disadvantage I have found to fresh eggs is hard boiling them. They are hideous in appearance after you boil them! When I would try peeling them, at least 1/8" inch of the white would come off with the shell.  After a lot of research, there are many tips for getting your eggs to turn out. I just tried one for the egg's I had planned on making this weekend. I had to let them age. So, I pushed a dozen to the back of the fridge for 3 weeks and forgot about them. I boiled them last night and thankfully they turned out beautifully! I had my fingers crossed on this one since they were destined to become deviled egg's for a potluck today, and everything was a success.

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