Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Day of Sunshine

It has been a soggy soggy spring here in Wisconsin. This past week has brought torrential rains, and there has been a lot of local flooding. There have been mud and rock slides as well. I normally only use my own photo's on the blog, but I am going to borrow one from a local news channel just to show you a rock slide around here!

Photo From WXOW

Today, our basement is finally drying out. It's hard to get in the garden, because the mud almost pulls your shoes or boots right off your feet. Hopefully by the weekend we will be out there and get things under control and find what plants are left.

Today, I at least was able to take advantage of the sunshine, and get out of the house, check on my flowers, let the older hens free range for a while and just enjoy some fresh air!

This view is a site for sore eyes! 
Up until two months ago, this was an old trailer site in our back yard, and was just a mess of weeds! The old septics are now filled in, grass is growing, tree's are planted. 

Dwarf Japanese Maple in our newly improved backyard... 
Truckin' Man is in charge of landscaping this area, and I think he picked a great tree!

Crooked Comb is happy to see the sun, too!

 Petunia's.... A sure sign of summer!

Rusty... Guarder of the homestead... With his pillow. His pillow stays in the basement for nights when he needs shelter. Well.... Pillow got wet in the floods, so I threw it outside to get some sunshine and dry out. Somehow, it was moved to the shade!

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  1. Great pictures and what a sweet pup at the end :)

  2. I love these photos! Your homestead is beautiful. But that first photo - yikes! How scary!

  3. Kris, your pictures of the great outdoors are always so pretty! I love Japanese Maples, and yes, your hubby chose a beautiful one! I may have to keep that picture of Rusty somewhere handy- it makes me smile! "MY PILLOW!" Love it. :)

    Hope you have a good (flood-free!) week!

    Love, Joy