Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Day of Local Sightseeing

It's a very rare day that we have a day with no work, on or off the farm. But, Truckin' Man thought we were due, I agreed. He left the planning up to me.

First, we went to a local county fair, but there wasn't much going on there. 

So, down the road we went to a car show. Lot's of fun cars.

This was my favorite.

 We stopped for a lunch and ice cream, and ate along side an oat field.

Next off to a small park.

 Old stairs to the top of the bluff. We didn't test their weight capacity, and went one at a time.

 Very pretty up top. Looks like back in the day before budget cuts, it was probably well groomed.

The Natural Bridge.

 The other side!

We ended the day at a drive-inn for dinner and a root beer!

Looking forward to our next day off!

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  1. This is my kind of day. Cool cars, a hike, scenery, and some good eats!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You two deserve some rest and relaxation, glad you had a great day. That was a beautiful place for a hike!!

  3. What a fun day! The menu is making me hungry!

  4. This looks so fun! Those cars are really neat and I love all the nature scenes you took in. Hope you can do it more often!

  5. Love those cars - and the natural bridge too! Looks like you planned a very good day. Cheers

  6. Looks like you made the most of your day! So much fun, I love the shots you got, especially of the natural bridge and those cars!!!! Very cool :)

  7. I love rambling about the country side! Where was the drive thru you ended up at? Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend.

    1. It was a lovely day! The drive thru was in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.