Saturday, April 26, 2014

More of our Time on Hilton Head

Change of plans...  The next post of pictures from our time away was supposed to be from the wedding, but there were more amazing pics from Hilton Head I wanted to share with you!

The first morning at the resort, Truckin' Man got up bright and early. He wanted to see the sunrise over the ocean! I am so glad he did, and I am so bummed that my pillow was so comforting that I missed seeing this. At least he tooks pics with his phone to share with his sleeping princess!

 Isn't it beautiful?

One of the most amazing things we saw on our beach walks was LIVE Sand Dollars. My parents starting family vacations to the ocean when I was very young, so I have many experiences of picking up sea shells, however this was my first time ever finding sand dollars! 
Don't take the live ones though, I guess there is quite a fine attached to doing that.

 The Coastal Discovery Museum was an amazing place to visit. We really could have walked forever in any of the parks we visited, we adore the Live Oaks with all the moss. So pretty! And, yes, to those of you not from that area, Live Oak is actually the name of the tree!

 One of the parks we went to, we visited during low tide, so we were able to walk out quite a ways.
Oyster beds everywhere.

 So many beautiful birds. Not sure what this bird is... I should have asked before we left.

We are happy to be home, but enjoyed every minute of our time on this beautiful island. 
Stay tuned for more pictures next weekend!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! Cheers from CArole's Chatter

  2. the sunrise is STUNNING! now i actually want to go to the beach, with its pesky sand and eye-burning water and all. :)

  3. Wow! I think you better get that sunrise shot sold into a postcard. Simply amazing! You are so talented!

  4. Beautiful pictures. We are thinking of going to this area during the summer.

  5. WOW! Your photos are great. I have not ever seen a LIVE Sanddollar...what a cool thing.