Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cluck Cluck

The new flock of chickens are doing great! We have a little bit of time before they start sharing eggs with us, which is a good thing since we still have to build a roosting box for them!

They are starting to have an appreciation for treats that I bring them!

 This young lady is one of my favorites. She is a little more outgoing, and trusting.

 See that little bantam in the bottom right of the picture? Well, turns out that HE and the other bantam we got are both roosters.  They are cute, but I am sad that we won't have cute little bantam eggs.

King of the Farm keeps an eye on them. But he isn't used to not to having full access to the run. 

 I think the chickens have one of the best views on the farm, don't you?


  1. Yes, for sure they do have one of the best views. :-)
    WOW, you have a lovely place.
    I like your photo with your guard dog.

  2. Love all the pictures of your farm and the newest additions to your farming family :-)