Thursday, November 13, 2014

Road Trip to Peck's Market

The things you learn online, even on facebook, are amazing. Back in October, one of my online friends from the UK, shared some pictures taken at Peck's Farm Market in Spring Green, Wisconsin. That's about an hour away from my house! How did I not know about this place, and what are the odds I would learn about it from my UK friend? Strange, but we now had a weekend roadtrip lined up! 

Truckin' Man has driven by Peck's Farm Market like a bazillion times, but he really didn't think of it as more than a place to pick up vegetables, and a traffic hazard because of all the traffic and accidents he unfortunately see's there.

I LOVED this place. I will be waiting to see if they get all decked out as much for Christmas as they do Halloween! AND... I have since learned that they have two locations! Next trip down maybe we will go to the other market.

I loved the creativity of the different squashes to make these horses!

Aren't the hay bales cute?

Garden of Eaten? Clever! They had so many varieties of squash, I loved this shopping trip!

I have never seen so many varieties of popcorn. We decided on Apple Blossom, it's a new favorite!

Biggest pumpkin I have ever seen!

 I won't tell you how many years since I have been to a petting zoo, or I will be giving away my old age, but it has been a LONG time! 
It was so much fun seeing all the animals! 

I wanted to bring this little miniature cow home with us!!

 The goats were so clever, they knew how to work their stuff to get as many treats as possible!

I don't know if this ol' gray goose was as ornery as he looked, but I certainly wouldn't try to pet him/her!

Geese everywhere!

I loved the colors on this lil' goat.

So many rabbits!
 Do you see the shape of the pond?

 Look at those eyes!

Guinea's are such a unique bird. Honestly, they scare me a little bit!

I have never been so close to a swan before!

So many pumpkins!

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  1. what fun! my mom just got two angora goats so i have a special interest in any and all of those critters. the spider hay bales are a great idea!!

  2. Such a fun place! I love it! I bet it will be beautiful in the Winter and over the holidays! Definitely a wonderful discovery :)

  3. They have an amazing craft fair in June every year, also. They always have interesting things. I know they used to host a craft fair in the Fall as well, but I think they may have stopped doing that one. There are many other really neat shops in Spring Green as well!!

  4. Fun! I just love it. I will have to share this with my friend Lori.
    Thank you for sharing. :-))

  5. Kris,
    I live in Northern IL, but didn't know about this Farm market, either. so many unusual displays and variteis of produce. I see a road trip in my future next Fall

  6. What a super fun place. Loved this.