Sunday, January 31, 2016

What? No Water?

Things have been pretty busy around the farmstead for being the middle of winter. 
Imagine my surprise when one Wednesday night I turn the faucet on to pour a glass of water, and there is none. What??? We have an old system, so sometimes there are "hiccups", so I shut the tap off to try again. Same results. Nothing. Truckin' Man suspects right away that we have frozen pipes, but it's after 7 pm, and we have almost an hour drive to Menards for any possible supply, so we just leave it til morning.

Investigating our water issue means going to where our water starts. WAY up there.
(If you can see the old windmill in the center, that's where we have to go)

Truckin' Man takes the short way up, straight up the hill. I go the long way around, it's not so steep.

Queen of the Farm had to join in on the investigation.

Lot's of investigating. Trips to town to buy portable blow torches to heat frozen pieces.

I couldn't get the flames coming out of this thing to show up, but that was some intense heat.
Truckin' Man loves the new torch.

Finally... We have water again. We were sweating during this whole ordeal. 
The potential for a huge expense and massive repairs was not far away on this old system.

Lot's of big ice cubes....

Made for a fun passtime for a thirsty dog!

Truckin' Man says that this was all a series of events that started because of a wind storm that knocked down a tree on one of the pipes. That backed the water up and allowed it to freeze.

Hoping the storm coming this week is kind to us and there are no issues!


  1. Boys love their new torches, don't they? Good luck in this next round of storms!

  2. o man, now I think living in a farm is probably not for me...lots of fun for sure, but also lots to do! The Queen of the Farm looks so beautiful, Kris.

  3. i am SO guilty of taking my access to water for granted! i'd be lost without it, and i'm glad you were able to get things straight!

  4. I really do enjoy these pictures! Sounds like there was a lot of investigation this weekend - glad you guys figured it out! Stay safe in the upcoming storm my friend!

  5. Wow, what an adventure. I am glad you are back in the water business. You are right, we take that water for granted. Living in town, we have chemicals in our water. Yuck. I miss good old fresh water.
    I love The Queen :-))

  6. Fozen incoming pipes are NO FUN! Glad you didn't have to dig!! I had to get someone to hook an arc welder up to my incoming lines, years back. Our water supply was spring fed and it got so cold that year, the lines froze from the spring. Not cheap!!

  7. Is your dog an English Bulldog?
    She's beautiful!