Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gobble Gobble

A couple weeks ago we went back up north, to meet MORE of Truckin' Mans family. There were cousin's, and second cousin's. And cousins from Colorado... So much family, and such a fun time! 

When we arrived at Cousin L's home, I was shocked to see turkeys just wandering around the yard. Not chicken's, but turkeys! 

At first, I was a little bit afraid as I thought turkeys were mean birds. But that is so not the case.

These boys just followed you EVERYWHERE you went! It really was fun. 

They are such pretty birds.

 You can even hold and pet them!

 Now. Debating if we want to get some turkey's. Or not. 


  1. They are stunning! And in the fun they look like there are glowing :) Thanks for sharing your fun photos. Hugs!

  2. How funny that they have turkeys as yard birds! They are beautiful and I bet they'd keep strangers away too ;-)

  3. LOVE those turkeys! I vote yes....get a couple of turkeys! (Will they get along with the chickens?).

  4. They are beautiful birds. :-) Keep us posted on if you decide to get turkeys.

  5. I love turkeys! We have tons of wild ones around here. The past couple of weeks I've heard them near our property, flocks of them down by the creek. I love being outside in the morning and hearing all the gobbles :-)

  6. Yes!!!!! :) these guys are adorable - and BIG! We have a lot of wild turkeys around here and they are funny! Great pics!

  7. they're so big! my brother raised some turkeys to sell for thanksgiving, but i could never make eye contact with them because i knew what fate awaited them... :/

  8. I feel weird saying that those turkeys are cute, BUT they are CUTE! :) Love the pictures