Monday, May 16, 2016

November or May?

The garden was doing fabulous! Everything was growing well, except for the potatoes. We are giving up on them.  I had given up on them last year, but Truckin' Man wanted to try one more time. They just don't like it here, and I can accept that!

Chickens were even released from day time restrictions, being allowed full free range permissions again.

Then the weather changed. On Friday the 13th (coincidence?) the hype started to warn us of the upcoming chance for frost for Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Plenty of notice, even though we weren't happy, we were warned. The predictions kept getting stronger and closer. When we were out shopping Saturday afternoon, I got the text update from our local weather station that we were now under a Freeze Warning?! What? It's the middle of May!

Like everyone else, we started covering all our plants that night. Every spare sheet, 5 gallon bucket, tupperware, you name it... If it could cover a plant, we were using it. 

And we failed. It took all of our tomatoes, and most of our peppers. Even though they were covered.
  I have yet to hear of anyone who had a tomato make it through.  Greenhouses lost as well. 

My town isn't listed on here, but these were the temps in our area.

But, in the end, our strawberries survived which is what we were most worried about,
 since those we can't just replant and still harvest this year. 

This is what a frost killed baby sweet corn plant looks like.

But, other things are still happy. Like our lettuce! 
I just noticed how our lettuce is not in any form of a straight line? 
Guess I must have stopped for a cookie break in the middle of planting?


How are the temps in your area?


  1. Sorry to see those tomato and pepper plants are killed...but at least strawberry plants survived!

    1. Yes! I am so looking forward to making amazing things with the strawberries!

  2. I was laughing at that last picture of your line of lettuce, but only because all the rows in my garden look like that! I can't plant straight to save my life, LOL. It only got down to about 38ยบ here, and we were able to get everything covered. I think my tomato plants made it, but it's hard to say. They look so frail because the 3 days before the frost were windy as hell. I really need some warm and NOT windy weather to perk them up. Keeping my fingers crossed. I think a lot of my basil was killed though, drats.

    I'm sorry to see your tomatoes and peppers were killed. I agree, it's heartbreaking when something like this happens. Stupid weather.

    Have a great day Kris!

    1. Tee hee... I was replanting some things yesterday, and thought of you. I was going to to a picture of my super straight rows, but my hands were just to dirty to work the camera :)
      Hope the weather has straightened out for you. It seems to be getting better here, but I am still nervous and not wanting to put all the sheets away yet!

  3. Hi,
    I am sorry.
    I can not believe it got so cold! Do you know if Wisconsin broke a record with this late hard freeze?
    A farm friend had the water buckets freeze. And you saw our bird bath. Crazy Wisconsin Weather!

  4. BEYOND FRUSTRATING MY FRIEND! I'm so sorry and I know how hard you guys worked on the garden this Summer!!!

  5. Oh no! Luckily we are enough further south that we didn't get the freeze, but it sure did cool down! I am so sorry all of that hard work was lost!

    1. Glad the super cold stayed away from you, Carlee! It needs to stay away from all of us now until late this fall!

  6. Oh what a bummer, Kris. This crazy weather can't make up it's mind this year. Will you replant what you can? Happy for your strawberries though! : )

    1. Yes, we will and have replanted. Things are looking a lot better already.
      Not to be a tease, but you aren't going to believe the berries we have coming!