Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Big Rig

Ever since I renamed the blog, I haven't shared much on the truckin' end of things.  That is primarily due to Truckin' Mans new job. Not that it's new anymore. 

He sold off the Peterbilt a while back and went to work for a heavy haul company. When he started there, it was through a hiring agency, and I couldn't be in the truck. After he was fully on with the company, I just never had the opportunity to ride with. This job is a Monday - Friday job, and home nights! Awesome, right? It is unless you want to go for a ride with your husband!

Well, I finally had a chance. There was a short local run to pick up one piece of equipment, so away we went.

I see this truck in the driveway everyday, and never realized how much bigger the Mack is compared to the Peterbilt we knew for so many years. Dang, that was a jump getting in there.

I finally made it in!

You set really high up in this rig!

For the equipment we were picking up this time, the trailer has to come off the truck, so that the equipment can be driven up on. Interesting!

If the workers have already left the job site, Truckin' Man gets to drive the equipment himself.
His dream job!

Once the equipment is loaded, the trailer is hooked back up, and we are ready to roll again. 

 Fun, right?


  1. Good for you! God bless you and yours. In the love of the Lord Jesus, Allen.

  2. Love this post and those are some amazing shots!!!

  3. Love your photos and the description. I find trucking to be amazing.
    Have a great week,

    1. Thanks, Carla! I hope that sometime this summer we can get an up close meeting of the truck for you and your family!

  4. My son is the Controller of a big trucking company. He talks about pricing for truck motors and tires. It always shocks me. Great pix.


    1. The price tags behind everything involved with them is amazing. Nice not having to pay those bills anymore :)

  5. That is a big truck! I've always found trucking to be fascinating too, the things they get to see. I'd have fun going along too :-)

    1. It is fun! Totally different from the banking world :)

  6. What a huge truck! But what a view from the front seat! I want to go for a ride!!!! : )